Korry has been a trusted name in human-machine interface (HMI) solutions for 75 years, when the company created the first lighted cockpit controls for the developing military and commercial aircraft industry.

The Korry product team at Esterline Control & Communication Systems continues this tradition as it develops the crew station of the future, providing state-of-the-art switches, cockpit controls, night-vision filters, and high-performance KDM displays (now part of Esterline Advanced Displays).

Every Korry solution integrates our expertise in optics, electronics and software, mechanical packaging, mechanism design, and human factors. In addition, we continually perfect our own proprietary materials and processes for leading-edge performance.

5/8-Inch Switches

Korry 5/8-inch switches and indicatorsare industry benchmarks on the latest Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Korry units integrate LED display components and all required electronics for exceptional lighting quality, high reliability, and minimal maintenance.

Other Switches and Indicators

There's a Korry solution to fit virtually any situation, whether crew-station development, retrofits, or spares requirements for legacy platforms. We offer more than three dozen product lines in thousands of possible configurations.

Cockpit Controls

Korry cockpit controls for commercial and defense crew stations provide high-reliability data display and control functions for critical systems. We integrate cost-effective, plug-and-play solutions, including overhead panels, cockpit suites, as well as individual CPAs and controllers, applying our proprietary technologies and range of expertise in electronics, software, optics, mechanical packaging, and HMI design.


Korry switching technologies for integrated panels allow a variety of flexible solutions to meet complex requirements and cost targets for aerospace and ground vehicle applications.


The Korry line of control-panel knobsoffers a complete range of solutions, including night-vision configurations.

High-Performance Displays

KDM displays are now part of Esterline Advanced Displays.

Night-Vision Solutions

Our proprietary Korry Nightshield plastic NVIS filters offer an ideal, cost-effective method for filtering virtually any light source for night-vision compatibility or secure lighting.