Mason Controls

The Mason controls team at Esterline Control & Communication Systems offers world-class control devices and subsystems — such as flight controls, cursor controllers, and HaWC unmanned system controllers — for today’s advanced cockpits, military vehicles, and other specialized applications.

Flight Controls
Mason flight sticks, control grips, throttles, and control wheels for fixed-wing aircraft comprise the largest selection of styles and configurations available anywhere. We also supply cyclic and collective grips for military and commercial helicopters.
Cursor Controllers
Mason cursor control devices (CCDs) are multifunctional solutions engineered for ease of use and rugged performance in high-vibration ground and aerial applications.
Janco Rotary Products
High-reliability Janco rotary products — including selector switches, potentiometers, and optical encoders — are used on virtually every commercial and military aircraft today.
HaWC Unmanned System Controllers
The Mason HaWC (Harm’s Way Controller) line has been engineered specifically for reliable, portable control of unmanned airborne vehicles (UAV), unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), remote sensors, and other unmanned systems.